Silver and Sea Foam

Ever since I’ve been a kid, I’ve absolutely loved color theory. Call me strange, but the fact that a color can look completely different when paired with another color is pretty darn cool! Thanks, brain!

Why the heck do you care about my strange childhood obsessions? Well, because sea foam or mint is one of those strange colors that tends to change feeling tremendously when it’s with a different type of metal. The feel that you get when you pair silver with sea foam is completely different than its gold counter part. This week, I’m sharing my love of sea foam paired with silver. If you’re really good, I’ll share some gold picks next week 😉



/// 1 Sea Glass Earrings by Simple Life Designs

/// 2 Sea Glass and Silver Pendant by Sofoola

/// 3 Seahorse and Sea Glass Pendant by The Fathers Market

/// 4 Sea Foam Charm Bracelet by GTMO Seaglass Creation

/// 5 Sea Glass Earrings by Laurie Roberts Jewelry

/// 6 Hammered Sea Foam Green Earrings by Wahoo Designs

/// 7 Sea Foam Cluster Necklace by Candy Amor Jewelry

/// 8 Mint Alabaster Amie Bracelet by Allena Mistral


Which ones are your favorites?

-Kisses, Allena

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  1. Faith Towers March 27, 2014 at 1:08 pm Permalink

    Great roundup… I’m absolutely LOVING number 8!

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